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Love Family in Harmony Project   Support Services for Ethnic Minorities Families


Love Family in Harmony-


Support Services for Ethnic Minorities Families

To help ethnic minority family to better integrate into community through providing after-school tutorial class, establishing cross-ethnic family network and cultural ambassador training, to change their role from being helped to helping others. 

Activity of “Love Family in Harmony” Family Network

1.      Chinese/ Ethnic minority cultural experience activity

Members can visit different religious temple and mosque, markets, or participate in cultural festival activities to increase the mutual understanding of different culture.

2.      Multi-cultural interest class

Families from different ethnicities share their own cultural heritage to members in family network, such as making different types of snack and art craft; or learn music and dance form different cultural tradition. Parent-child relationship will be enhanced and mutual aid network will be developed. 

3.      Family matching and networking

Families from different ethnicities will match in pairs and visit each other, in order to enhance in depth understanding of different culture, and develop close and supportive family network within each other.


Free After School Tutorial

Chinese volunteers will be the tutors, provide the after school tutorial and 1 on 1 reading activity for students from different ethnicities, in order to enhance their Chinese language proficiency.



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Tel: 2382 0106 Ms Nafeesa (Urdu)      
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