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The Lok Sin Tong Sunshine Youth Project


The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon is committed to create a healthy, positive and happy learning environment to 6 affiliated schools with more than 4000 students.


About the Program

The school-based program is funded by Beat Drugs Funds, it aims to build up a healthy learning environment and train students becoming “Sunshine Youth” by organizing various sharing groups, workshops, experiential learning activities, etc.


“Resilience” is the main theme of Sunshine Youth project 2017-18 with aims to  enhance their resistance to temptations, strengthening the cultivation of psychological quality, as well as developing a healthy life style with positive values and life attitudes through a variety of activities. Therefore we expect the programme could:


  1. Support schools: partnership with school in order to create a healthy school environment.
  2. Support students: assist students to explore their ability and strengths.
  3. Support parents: foster positive parent-child relationship


Content of Program

1.  School Health Education Exhibition and Health Talks

2.Mental and physical health promotion activity – Healthy Youth

3. Leadership Trainings Camps – Leader Hope

4. Joint School Training Programme – Connection & Co-work

5. Sunshine Youth training programme – Power Store

6. Sunshine Youth Award Presentation Ceremony

7. Parents support scheme

8. School Drug Testing Scheme


Principles of Program:

1      Voluntary participation

2      To keep personal information strictly confidential

3      To help students in their best interest

4      To provide students with professional testing and support services.


Implementation date:

September, 2016 - August, 2018


Target Audience:

6 affiliated schools of Lok Sin Tong with more than 4000 students.



Tel: (852) 2272-9828


Address: 61 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City