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‘CARE in ACTION’ - Dementia Awareness Promotion Program

Facing with the growing number of Alzheimer patients, the demand of dementia service increases correspondingly. In light of this, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon launched ‘CARE in ACTION’ - Dementia Awareness Promotion Program, funded by The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC), with an aims to enhance teenagers’ role in community care, public acceptance and understanding of dementia- in term of symptoms, early assessment and community resources through seminar and training workshop, caring activity and exhibition.



-  Mental well-being seminars for youth

-  Interactive training workshop – dementia care and program design for youth

-  Caring activity preparation and training

-  Caring activity designed by youth and for elderly

-  Community educational exhibition about dementia

-  Publication of dementia guidelines


Implementation Period:December 2017 to September 2018

Target:Secondary school students and elderly in Hong Kong


Please contact our Project staff for school unit wishing to join us

Enquiry:2272 9858