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Project background

Lok Sin Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School will implement The Child Development Fund School-based Project (Third Batch) in November 2016. The project is launched by the Government, aims at promoting the longer-term development of children from a disadvantaged background, thereby reducing inter-generational poverty.

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To encourage participating children to plan for the future, develop an asset-building habit as well as accumulate savings and intangible assets (such as positive attitudes, personal resilience and capacities, social networks, etc.), so as to promote their longer-term development and thereby reducing inter-generational poverty.



- Primary 4 to 7 students and fulfill one of the following requirement:

- their families are receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance; or

- full grants from student finance schemes administered by the Student Finance Office; or

- whose household income is less than 75% of the Median Monthly Domestic Household Income; or

- Low-income Working Family Allowance

(Note: Those who has participated / is now participating CDF project is NOT eligible)


Project period

From November 2016 to October 2019 (3 years)



Tel: 2272 9850 

Fax: 2382 1811