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Program Details

To promote volunteering among the public, Lok Sin Tong launched a new volunteer program – “LST Buddy”. The synergistic matching system of “LST Buddy” does not only ensures the effective allocation of resources to subsidiary units, but also assigns eligible volunteers with suitable services, which helps them attaining personal growth in return. By providing quality and continuous charitable services to the community, we hope to make “LST Buddy” an excellent motivator of volunteering.


To provide value-added and quality volunteer services to the deprived and the public through collaboration with all sectors or stakeholders in the community.

Membership and Entry Criteria
(Individual & Group Membership)

Membership Entry Criteria
Individual Volunteer
Aged above 15, interested in volunteering for community service
(Applicant aged 6-14 needs to be endorsed by parent or guardian.)
Group Volunteer Group or Corporate interested in volunteering for community service

Members' Obligation and Benefits

To fulfill a minimum 15 services hours per year
To join our volunteerTo receive our newsletter
To receive our newsletter


Our Volunteer Teams

Volunteer @ Visit
Services: To visit the disadvantaged groups, such as elders, impoverished students regularly
Skills: With listening and counseling skills, or relevant experience

Volunteer @ Health Promotion
Services: To promote health information to the public
Skills: Interested in medical and health care, or with relevant experience

Volunteer @ Fund raising
To help in raising fund to support our charitable services
Skills: Interested in organizing & planning activities, or have other talents


Registration Procedure

Interested Individual or Group could make registration through Lok Sin Tongs website or return the completed registration form to Lok Sin Tong. Successful applicant will be received a password for logging onto the online personal page, where members can browse the latest service information, enroll services, volunteering record and personal details.