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The Lok Sin Tong Caring Fund has been established in 2010, and is managed by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon. It aims to provide a rapid response to people with imminent need to overcome their financial hardship under special and emergency situation. Application is accepted throughout the year.
Since its establishment, nearly 1000 cases have been benefited including the affected households of Ma Tau Wai Road building collapse, families of Manila hostage crisis, families of the deceased firemen in Ngau Tau Kok blaze, victims of Tai Po bus crash, etc.
“Giving is a blessing.” Your generosity can help people overcome their hardship and pain. Every donation counts!

Summary of "Lok Sin Tong Caring Fund" & pie chart (as of July 2017)



  • Applicant must be Hong Kong resident
  • Applicant should be the victim or those dependent family members under the same family roof
  • The incident, accident or disaster should be happened in or outside Hong Kong
  • To those people who are in financial hardships arising from unexpected incidents, accidents or disasters


Categories of assistance

  • Burial grant
  • Death grant
  • Disability or personal injury grant
  • Grant for natural disasters extensive damage


General criteria

  • The funding only provide one-off emergency assistance, for long-term assistance is not taken into account
  • No payment will be granted in respect of any occurrence resulting from a criminal act or an act of deliberate negligence


How to apply

  • Referred by the government departments or other social welfare organizations
  • Referred by the media


Time limits for application

  • Application should be applied within 1 to 30 working days after incident happened, otherwise the application will not be accepted
  • All information submitted must be true and the information of applicant will be kept confidential and used only for application purposes
  • Upon receipt of the application, our staff will contact the referral organization as soon as possible


Application method

Please return the filled application form via: 
  • By post: Corporate Communications and Development Department
                   The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon
                   No. 61, Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon
  • By fax: 2382 1811
  • Cases referral hotline: 2272 9810 / 2382 1576
  • Email address: 

Click here to download the application form  (Chinese version only)