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“Caring Company” & “Caring Organisation” 2018/19 Nomination Result Back
We are glad to announce that Lok Sin Tong successfully nominated 58 companies and organisations to receive the “Caring Company” and “Caring Organisation” logo in 2018/19. Congratulations to the following partners and thanks for their continuous support towards Lok Sin Tong. 
1. Hong Kong Fundraising Consultancy Limited
2. Leading Edge Worldwide Limited
3. Kai Shing Management Services Ltd - New Kowloon Plaza
4. Billion C & C Limited
5. Finger Box Limited
6. Union Medical Healthcare Limited
7. Doctor Reborn Cosmetic Surgery Centre Limited
8. Quick Time System
9. Agricultural Bank of China Limited Hong Kong Branch
10. China Yinsheng International Securities Limited
11. China Yinsheng Finance (Holding) Limited
12. China Securities (International) Finance Holding Company Limited
13. Main Shine Development Limited - Asia Trade Centre
14. Mitex International (Hong Kong) Limited
15. China Zhongwang Holdings Limited
16. Goki International Holding Company Limited
17. Zennon & Associates Limited
18. Hong Kong Airlines Limited
19. The Beauty Medical
20. Able Mobile Limited
21. OJO Design Limited
22. 3S Global Food Limited
23. Health Care & Co.
24. Welend Limited
25. Savills Guardian Group
26. Arrowtech Engineering (H.K.) Company Limited
27. China Four Financial Group Limited
28. Parkville Financial Limited
29. FlyBox Locker Company Limited
30. Tamjai Samgor Mixian Limited
31. Brilliant Precious Metals Limited
32. Pacific Sense Enterprises Limited
33. Hong Kong Automobile Association
34. Safe Gold Finance Limited
35. Kangen Water (H.K.) Limited
36. Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited
37. Link Education Limited
38. Taste of Asia Group Limited
39. Ping's Holding Limited
40. Dream Beauty Professional Limited
41. I & B Cleaning Equipment Ltd.
42. Amazing Grimm Limited
43. Hong Kong Air Purifier Center Limited
44. Pacific Infrastructure Limited
45. Acetop Precious Metals Limited
46. Lo and Kwong C.P.A. Company Limited
47. Asian Alliance (HK) CPA Limited
48. Chun Yip Construction Company Limited
49. Bordon Construction Company Limited
50. HXPM Limited
51. City Super Limited
52. Imission Group Limited
53. FSE Holdings Limited
54. Dermaglow Limited
55. Success New Spring Capital Limited
56. The Kowloon Tsai Home Owners Association
57. Urban Parking Limited
58. Dussmann Service Hong Kong Limited
(In no particular order)
For details of “Caring Company” and “Caring Organisation” 2019/20 nomination, please contact our Corporate Communications and Development Department at 2272-9810 or email to