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Special arrangement for clinic operation (10/8/2019 updates) Back

Due to the disruption of public transportation and the safety concerns of our service users arisen from the public activity on 10th August 2019 (Saturday), Lok Sin Tong Wong Siu Sang Polyclinic Tai Po (Chinese Medicine Service and Dental Service) will be closed from 12:00 nn, Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic (Wah Sum Estate) will be closed from 11:30 am. Other medical units of  LST will remain in service. Sorry for any inconveniences and please contact our clinics for further information.

Contact information:
- Lok Sin Tong Wong Siu Sang Polyclinic Tai Po (Tel: 26538520 / 26535590)
- Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic (Wah Sum Estate) (Tel: 90826765)