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Sponsored by the Department of Health, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon, has launched the program named “Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace”, so as to help corporate to create a supportive & encouraging environment in promoting smoking cessation in workplace. It also aims to raise awareness of companies to the importance of supporting staff to quit smoking. 

The project will help enrolled company to set up internal policy, provide health talk to smokers and non smokers, 4-hour smoking cessation workshop (voluntary) and counseling services to smokers. It is free of charge.  

To acknowledge the companies who join our program, “Smoke-Free Company Logo”(無煙企業標誌) will be awarded.


Project Hotline: 2272 9890

Target: Hong Kong Registered Company

Project Period: Jan, 2017 to Dec, 2018

Webpage and Online Registration: