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WISE - Smoking Cessation Program for Women in Workplace



The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon always support smoking cessation in Hong Kong. The "Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace" since 2013 was successfully recruited more than 100 companies to enroll the program. In view of the popularity and needs, a new program named “Smoking Cessation Program for Women in Workplace” is launched in 2015. It aims to encourage women smokers to quit smoking via effective smoking cessation methods, such as mindfulness training,stress management and life planning, in order to enhance their awareness of the influence of smoking in their lives and strengthen their self-control ability. To acknowledge the companies who joined our program, they would be nominated as Caring Company. The program is free of charge.


Program details

- Outreach health talk (Hazard of smoking, mindfulness training and simple health check)

- Individual phone follow up (6-month)


Target participants

Local women in workplace (we welcome both companies and individual to apply)


Program launch period

Jan - Dec 2015



Hotline : 2272 9828


Apply now: