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Due to the language and cultural barrier, ethnic minority (EM) youth find difficulties in developing their own talents and values in current educational settings and as a result of low self-esteem and upset their personal growth. In response to their social needs, Lok Sin Tong implement the project of “Youth Got Talent” ,which is subsidized by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund, to help the EM youth to achieve the following goals:

Develop EM youth’s potential and help them to have positive values –by providing various interest groups, partnerships and service opportunities to develop their self-confidence and provide community focal point for them.

Establish a cross-generation, cross-ethnic and cross-strata mutual support network –network social capital from government bodies, corporate entities, university students and social service organizations to establish support for EM youth and the community.

From recipients to givers, a transformation of social capital –encourage young EM people to participate in social service so as to build up their positive self-image and sense of loyalty to their community in order to make a harmonious community.



1.EYT interest classes
-Dancing class, Football class, Cantonese class, Make up classes etc.

2. Mentorship program
-Local Chinese volunteer as mentor to assist EM youths to integrate into society.

3.Peers Scheme
-EM youth become mentors to help EM children or new arrival children by providing after-school tutorial class.

4.Leadership scheme for ethnic minority youth
Leadership skills training through different activities (e.g games and camping) and encourage them to provide service for the community.



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