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Lok Sin Tong Virtual Charity Walk 2021
Enjoy the Walk, Explore the City

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic and consideration of public safety and health, Lok Sin Tong Charity Walk 2021 will be held virtually with a new format and theme. After successful enrollment, participants could bring a set of 6 Designed Attraction Cards and a Hong Kong Travel Map, and set foot on your historical journeys in the city with family or friends. Let's rediscover the history of Hong Kong!

The theme of this year’s Walk is “Enjoy the Walk, Explore the City”, with the elements of exploring history. The public is encouraged to explore historical attractions and share the moment with the elders at home. 

Starting from Today till 20th December 2021, join us to explore the city and spread the love!

Event Details

Event date:                1st November 2021 (Monday) to 20th December 2021 (Monday)
Registration date:     25th October 2021 (Monday) to 15th December 2021 (Wednesday)
Category:                   Individual: Donate HK$120 each
                                  Family / Group: Donate HK$420 for 4 quotas
Enrollment:               Enroll now:
Donation Purpose:  To raise funds for people with dementia and their caregivers


1. After registering on the event website, participants will receive a full set of "souvenir pack".
2. Arrive at the designated attractions, take some photos with both Designed Attraction Cards and the attractions. The photos are recommended to clearly show the attraction, and you can also show your creativity while taking photos! 
3. Visit the “Wonderful Moment” page of the event website and upload the check-in photos within the event period. Choose whether to publish the photos and share your happiness with the public. An e-certificate will be issued after uploading photos.

Click Here to ENROLL NOW!


Funds raised through this charity walk will be used to support people with dementia and their caregivers, allowing patients and their caregivers to receive practical care and support while raising the public awareness about dementia.

For every additional participant, people with dementia and their caregivers will be able to receive one more support!




1. Participants who donate HK$100 or more will receive an official receipt for tax refund in Hong Kong. An official receipt shall be issued by post or email within one month after the event ends.
2. The personal data provided will be utilized in contacting participants, processing the donation transaction, issuing receipt and sending fund-raising information.
3. We also have corporate group, interested companies please contact Corporate Resource Development Department (Tel: 2272-9808 / Email: [email protected])

Souvenir Pack

  • Every participant will receive a full set of souvenir pack
  • Souvenirs include: 6 Designed Attraction Cards with DIY Travel Handbook (Two cards for each district), Hong Kong Travel Map, Leisure Chess in ”Kowloon City” Design, Gift Bag, Charity Ticket, Sponsor Gifts


Ultra Lightweight Folding Umbrella Limited Edition

Lok Sin Tong Virtual Charity Walk 2021’s “Ultra Lightweight Folding Umbrella Limited Edition” is available now!

Charity Price:        HKD$88
Description:          Ultra lightweight folding umbrella (Royal Blue) with only 19cm folded length and 193g

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Additional 3 Event Awards and 6 Fundraising Awards are specially for the appreciation of the public, companies and organizations’ generous support (Details please refer to Event Website):

  • Early Bird Gifts (Closed)
  • Fundraising Awards for Individual and Group (Each category has champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up)
  • Most Distinctive Award - PARKnSHOP $200 Gift coupon
  • Facebook Interactive Gifts (Stay Tuned)


Thanks to the support from more than 60 caring companies and subsidiary units, people with dementia and their caregivers can receive more support. To express our sincere gratitude, we would like to thank the following companies and organizations. For details, please click here to see the list of companies and organizations.


Other donation methods for general donations:

General donation form please < Click Here > to download

  1. Online Donation
    Donations could be made through Credit Card, PayMe or AlipayHK on the event website.
    Donation website:
  2. By Cheque
    Cheque payable to: The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon
    By mail or in person, all are welcome.
    *Please indicate donation made to “Lok Sin Tong Virtual Charity Walk 2021” on the back of cheque
  3. Through Bank
    Donations can be deposited to the following bank accounts of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon:
    Bank of China (Hong Kong): 012-589-0-003845-7
    Hang Seng Bank: 285-000089-003
    HSBC: 096-136494-001
    The Bank of East Asia: 514-40-405946-2
    *Receipts which will be issued within a month after the end of the event for donations over HK$100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

Corporate Resource Development Department
Tel: 2272-9808 / WhatsApp: 5485-1633
Fax: 2382-1811
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]