The Lok Sin Tong Sunshine Youth Project


The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon is committed to create a healthy, positive and happy learning environment to 6 affiliated schools with more than 4000 students.


About the Program

The school-based program, funded by Beat Drugs Funds, is a serial of health education activities that includes interest group and workshop, work experience programme and leadership camp. The program aims to cultivate student’s positive value and attitudes, strengthen their resilience and create a drug-free learning environment.


“To persevere and endure” is the main theme of Sunshine Youth project 2019-2021. Our major purpose is to increase student’s resistance to drug and adversity through enhancing student’s self-efficacy, optimism and sense of belonging.


2019-21 Highlight of the program


  • Preventive education: Sunshine youth week and exhibition – Anti-drug education
  • Personal enhancement: School leadership program, Personal growth training, volunteer training
  • Life planning: Skills training - Sports, Mountaineering, adventure-based training, First-aid training, Career exploration, Human Library etc.
  • Interest development: Various sports and arts training
  • Stress management: Zentangle, Expressive art therapy
  • Sunshine Youth Training and Award Presentation Ceremony
  • Parents Support Scheme
  • School Drug Testing Scheme


Principles of Program:

1      Voluntary participation

2      To keep personal information strictly confidential

3      To help students in their best interest

4      To provide students with professional assessment and support services



Implementation date:

September, 2018 - August, 2021


Target Audience:

6 affiliated schools of Lok Sin Tong with more than 4000 students.


For enquiries, please contact us:


Tel: (852) 2272-9828


Address: 61 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City