“No Alcohol For Cheers” Reduce Alcohol Consumption Health Promotion Programme for Frontline Employees

Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon has committed in health promoting for frontline employees using workplace at platform. Since 2013, we have been organizing “The Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace” (SCPW), which has attracted more than 180 corporates to participant and have reached over 1300 smokers. In view of the successful model being developed, we are implementing the first health promoting program in Hong Kong with the theme on “Drink Less” for frontline employees. It aims to encourage employees to reduce alcohol consumption and assist the corporate in promoting the concept of “Healthy Workplace”. The program is supported by Food and Health Bureau, HKSAR.

Outreaching health talk and workshop will be provided to frontline employees in order to enhance their awareness of influence of alcohol consumption. Meanwhile the workshop will introduce some stress management skills and coping method so as to lessen the usage of alcohol as stress relieving means. Besides, the project will assist the enrolled corporates to set up internal policy for reducing alcohol consumption in workplace and offer suggestion to create supportive working environment. The program not only protects the physical well-being and life of employees, it also enhances productivity and competitiveness, and helps to establish a positive image for the organization.


Program contents

  1. Briefing session
  2. Assist the development of internal "Drink less" policy
  3. "No alcohol" Health talk (Speakers: Registered Social Worker & Registered Nurse)
  4. Workshop on Stress management
  5. Health check


To acknowledge the corporates who have supported the program, corporate will be awarded a "No alcohol company logo", and would have opportunity to be nominated as Caring Company

The program is free of charge, corporates which have interest to join the program please register through our website or download the enrollment form.

Enquiry Hotline: 2133-7375