Community Vaccination Promotion Program


The elderly, children and people with weak immunity are vulnerable to influenza and COVID-19 virus.  Pneumococcal infection cannot be ignored and may lead to serious complications or even death.  This aims to echo the government’s encouragement of the public to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and to help build an immune barrier for the community.  Lok Sin Tong launches the “Community Vaccination Promotion Program” which plans to spread vaccination information in the community through different channels, so that citizens can understand the importance of vaccination and related diseases, government vaccination subsidy scheme, etc.  Therefore, the public can be encouraged to receive vaccinations in order to protect themselves and others.



  • Distribution of Vaccination Information
  • Vaccine Information Hotline and Follow-up Case Referral
  • Educational Health Talk
  • Community Health Assessment Activities
  • Mobile Truck Health Exhibition
  • Coordination of Outreach Vaccination Services



From now until April 2024






Hotline: 9222-2597

Email: [email protected]


Welcome to inquiries the programme detail and obtain service leaflets.