Outreach Health Education Program

In order to raise public awareness of physical and mental health, Lok Sin Tong take the initiative and actively promote the "Outreach Health Education Program" in recent years. We co-operate with a wide variety of NGOs, elderly centers, schools and enterprises. Our professional medical team, including Chinese medicine practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and social workers will organize health talks, consultation services and basic body checks in different districts of the community. Through this program, the public can access more appropriate health information and professional health advice, and cultivating a healthy living lifestyle.


Program Content

  • Health educational talks
  • Pharmacsit outreach service
  • Consultation services
  • Basic health checks



  • Social service units, schools, religious organisations, social enterprizes and NGOs
  • Other organisation or corporates


Application method

Please download the Application Form (Gerneral Educational Service ) / Application Form (Pharmacist Outreach Service) and return to below office via email or fax. We will follow up and provide you with further details as soon as possible.


Contacts (Gerneral Educational Service )

Tel: 2272 9870

Fax: 2383 1908

Email: [email protected]l


Contacts (Pharmacist Outreach Service)

Tel: 2272 0803

Fax: 2383 6933

Email: [email protected]