Centre Background

Our Centre was established in November 1990. Mr Chan Wai Kwan (陳偉君先生), Assistant Director of Social Welfare Department, attended our opening ceremony in September 1991. Mr Chan Lap (陳立先生), our Permanent Advisor, donated HK$150,000 to fulfill the wish of his mother, Mrs Chan Lai Jeong Kiu. To acknowledge his generous donation, our Centre was named as "Lok Sin Tong Chan Lai Jeong Kiu Social Centre for the Elderly". In 2014, our Centre was upgraded to "Lok Sin Tong Chan Lai Jeong Kiu Neighbourhood Elderly Centre” in order to enhance the supporting services to elderly and carers.


Services Objectives

  1. To provide expanded functions and appropriate services for elderly persons to enhance a sense of worthiness.
  2. To assist elderly to continue living in the community and enhance elderly to adapt the fast changing environment.
  3. To provide appropriate support to carers, relieved their stress and enhance the knowledge of taking care of elderly.


Service Targets and Terms for Application:

  1. A Hong Kong I.D. permanent resident
  2. Aged 60 or above
  3. One recent photo (45mm x 60mm)
  4. Annual Fee
  5. Special for Carers : Aged 18 or above and Free of Charge


Contact Person and Telephone

Opening Hour:
Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Centre-in-Charge contact number: 2573 2270


Please refer to the relevant website:
Lok Sin Tong Chan Lai Jeong Kiu Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (Chinese version only)