LST Anti-Gambling adolescent education programme

The LST Anti-Gambling adolescent education programme, funded by The Ping Wo Fund, aims to promote anti-gambling messages in secondary schools. The programme educates students about explore online gambling problems with students, educate students on the cause and effect of addiction behavior and introduce concepts of healthy financial habits. Programme activities include interactive talk, new sports workshop, simulation game, carnival and exhibition. It is hope that various interactive element could increase student’s participation and devotion.


2020-21 Highlight of the Programme

Free In-school programme (Online activity services is also available, please contact us for inquiries)


  1. Anti-gambling college – Interactive talk
  2. Sports VS Gambling - New Sports workshop
  3. Smart Phone Smart Choice – Simulation Game
  4. No-gambling Carnival- booth games and exhibition
  5. Stay away from gambling – Parents talk


Implementation Period: January, 2021 – December, 2022

Target: F.1 – F.6 students

Programme details: Please download “Programme details” (Online activity services provision are available for chosen)

Application: Please download the 'Application form' and submit by fax or email; or fill in online application form. Our medical department team will contact you for follow up.


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