Job Opportunity

Lok Sin Tong focuses on equal employment opportunities. It ensures that all employees are recruited, trained, promoted and transferred according to their work abilities, skills and performance. They are not based on gender, age and pregnancy. Factors such as disability, marriage or family status and religious background.

Lok Sin Tong provides excellent environment to persons who want to develop their career in serving the community. We are not only an equal opportunity employer, through our expansion in different service areas, we also offer development opportunities to our staff.

Date Service
Position Ref Application
October 21, 2019醫務部計劃統籌 (企業健康推廣服務)job003November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019醫務部合約社會工作員 (企業健康推廣服務)job004November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019CE OfficeProject Officerjob007November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019社福部合約註冊社工(兒童及青少年服務)(非學位社工)job008November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019Accounting DeptAccounting Officerjob013November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019Accounting DeptAccounts Clerkjob014November 11, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019社企部文員job015October 31, 2019Detail
October 21, 2019醫務部註冊中醫師 (兼職)job016October 31, 2019Detail