Smoke-Free Alliance

“Smoke-Free Alliance” is an extension of Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace (SCPW). The Alliance aims at collaborating individuals, corporations, social welfare organizations, smokers and their families to work hand in hand to promote a smoke-free Hong Kong. The Alliance regularly organizes various health promotion campaigns, such as health talks, family days and field trips.



Interested parties and individuals may email your application to [email protected] or apply by phone (2133 7375).


Aims of the Alliance

  • Pool together resources of different parties in society to promote a smoke-free Hong Kong
  • Support and advocate smoke-free policies
  • Honor and support successful quitters


Members’ Missions

  • To promote smoke-free culture at one’s own social position
  • To maintain their awareness on the smoking situation and trend in Hong Kong
  • To understand the hazards of smoking and assist smokers to quit