Project Background

Funding from Labour and Welfare Bureau, our service partner including four primary school and one secondary school, Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School, Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch), Lok Sin Tong Leung Wong Wai Fong Memorial School, Lok Sin Tong Yeung Chung Ming Primary School and Lok Sin Tong Yeung Chik Wai Memorial School. In 2015,2016,2017 &2018 we get a successful application funding of three years of school-based programme from the Child Development Fund.  


Project Aims

To encourage participating children to plan for the future, develop an asset-building habit as well as accumulate savings and intangible assets (such as positive attitudes, personal resilience and capacities, social networks, etc.), so as to promote their longer-term development and thereby reducing inter-generational poverty.


Project Objectives

Each project comprises three key components, namely Targeted SavingsPersonal Development Planand Mentorship. These components are designed to broaden our children's horizons, enhance their abilities and personal qualities, as well as enrich their social experiences over a course of three years.

  1. The Personal Development Plan component of the CDF projects seeks to enable our children to identify their own long-term vision and motivate them to take steps for pursuing targets that are achievable in the short run. The process of drawing up the plan and putting their goals into actions gives them a chance to consider who they want to be, and what they want to achieve – a unique and important personal development experience. In the first two years of the project, participants draw up their Personal Development Plan (PDP) under the guidance of mentors and operators. The plan should include both short-term and long-term development goals, with specific action steps that set them on the path to achieve them. The development goals should support capacity enhancement, developing knowledge or skills around a particular hobby/interest, or to lay the foundation for further education or future career. In the third year of the project, CDF participants can make use of the targeted savings to implement their PDPs and the CDF project operators will monitor their progress of implementation.
  2. Mentorship: In the beginning of a project, every CDF participant will be matched with a volunteer mentor to obtain support throughout the three-year programme. The matching of mentors to participating children is made according to gender, personalities, interests, occupation/industry, family background, religion, etc.
  3. A mentor is expected to widen the participant's horizons, offer career inspirations, and assist in building up self-esteem and resilience, providing guidance and companionship as part of the personal development experience. Mentor's responsibilities include keep in contact with mentee at least once per month, sharing life experiences, providing guidance, support, attention and caring; Assist mentee in drawing up the Personal Development Plan in the first two years of the project, and realising the plan with the Targeted Savings by the end of the third year; Attend five training sessions and two sharing sessions provided by project operators; and report progress and provide feedback to project operators regularly.
  4. Targeted Savings encourages participants to set a monthly savings target of HK$200 over a two-year period. Corporate and/or private donors, together with the Government, contribute to a 1:1:1 matching fund for the savings to implement their Personal Development Plans upon completion of the Targeted Savings Programme. Not only does this help our children to save for realising their Personal Development Plans, but it also helps them develop a savings habit.


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