Brief History

As being of one of the contract home in Hong Kong that operated in 2014 January. It is the competitive bidding model of Social Welfare Department has introduced for selecting operators that delivery of residential care services for elders with moderate to severe level of impairment since 2001.The service performance of the Nursing Home is monitored by the Department to ensure compliance with the service contract. Lok Sin Tong Hoi Wang road Nursing Home is combined subsidized and self-financed sectors operated by The Lok Sin Tong benevolent Society, Kowloon.



Our Nursing Home is committed to providing good quality services in nursing care, personal care and accommodation to elderly who have poor health and have limited self-care ability. It adopts a multi-discipline approach in our nursing home. Registered nurses, medical practitioners, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and even personal care workers as a whole team to meet the needs of our elderly. We provide home like environment to ensure elderly live as family members and dignified living in our nursing home.


Service Recipients

Elders aged 65 or above who lack of self-care ability due to poor health or illness, free from contagious disease and mentally suitable for communal living. For those elders with aged 60 to 64 that proven medical needs can also apply for admission.



The Nursing Home provides totally 123 capacity including 60 subsidized places in 2/F and 63non-subsidized places in 3/F. Each dormitory bedroom can accommodate 3 to 6 residents in a shared room with a self-contained toilet and bathroom. Our home is equipped with facilities that include electric adjustable long-term beds with pressure reduction mattresses, rehabilitation areas and Sensory Training Room. Our home is using the Webster-Pak system 7 days packing to monitor drug dispensing. Other Facilities include Sitting Area, Dining Rooms, Reading Corner, Activity Rooms, and Reminiscence Cornerand is also equipped with computers for residents' use and visual visits informed by relatives are available as well.



Medical Attention & Professional Care

  • Regular medical consultation is offered by a visiting medical practitioner.
  • Individual Specialized nursing care and treatment are tailored for the residents.
  • Rehabilitation Services are provided by Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and rehabilitation assistants.

Activities of Daily Living & Care

  • 24 hours of comprehensive personal care is provided by trained health and personal care workers for the elderly.
  • Special Diet and balance meal is catered according to the individual dietary requirement of the elderly.
  • The elderly participate different programs or activities by their own choice.

End-of-Life Care Planning

  • To maintain the comfort, choices, and quality of life of a person who is recognized to be dying (in the terminal phase); to support their individuality; and to care for the psychosocial and spiritual needs of themselves and their families


Service Application

Residential respite service for Elderly

To apply for respite service, elderly persons or their families may approach by caseworkers. Caseworks will assess the elderly person’s needs and make referrals to the residential care homes for the elderly or nursing homes concerned if considered suitable.

Respite Services

Short-term Residential Services can be provided to relieve the burden of family care.


Service Enquires

Lok Sin Tong Hoi Wang Road Nursing Home

Service Type: Residential Care Home for the Elderly
District:Yau Tsim Mong
Address: 2-3/F, 1 Hoi Wang Road, South West Kowloon
Email:[email protected]

Convenient transport

The Nursing Home is directly accessible by various sorts of transport, the elderly can keep in close contact with their family and friends, and enjoy their care and support.

MTR:Mong Kok Exit C3,Olympic exit D3
Mini Bus:12S、43M、46、70、78、78A、79K