LST Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace


Program Background

In recent years, corporates in Hong Kong begin to have more concerned with the occupational safety and health and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this regard, sponsored by the Department of Health, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon, has launched the program named “Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace” (SCPW) since 2013.

The program aims at promoting smoke-free workplace and provide outreach smoking cessation service for working adults. Our cross-professional team assists the participating corporates in setting up and implementing internal smoke-free policies, and designing and developing sustainable employee health programs. To encourage corporates’ social participation in Tobacco Control affairs, SCPW also assists the participating corporates in organizing volunteer services and CSR campaigns.



Press Conference and Opening Ceremony of 2023-24 Program


Program Highlights

  • Outreach-based: our professional staffs will visit the corporates to provide briefing session and assistance in setting up internal smoke-free policies
  • Health talk and carbon monoxide (CO) breath test will be held in the corporates
  • One-Year Quitting Program will be provided, including:
    • Motivational Interviewing (MI) to assist smokers to quit
    • One-year telephone counseling service
    • Whatsapp Follow up
    • SMS reminders (Quitting tips)
  • Assist corporates in organizing volunteer activities and CSR campaigns for promoting smoke-free culture


Program Enrollment Deadline

All year round


Service Target

All Hong Kong companies with a valid Business Registration Certificate


Program Fee    

Free of charge


Service Protocol

Internal Policy Meeting
Health Talk (Including simple health checking for participants, such as CO breath testing and Blood Pressure checking)
Smoking Cessation Program for Smokers (Voluntary)
Issuance of “Smoke-Free Company Logo”
Program Completion
Participating companies have the chance to enroll for the “Caring Company Scheme” and
“Smoke-Free Leading Company Awards”




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