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Lok Sin Tong Meal Delivery Service Centre is cooperating with Yi Shop (店小懿) by Hong Kong Artist Lokyi Lai and Quan Alley HK (寬巷子), in Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Giftset Charity Sale. We raise fund for "Mealtual Love" which is a campaign that aims to provide free meals to the grass-rooted families and elderlies.


The whole periodFrom now to 15 September,2021

Period in Early-birdFrom now to 2 September, availableto voucher only

Original price sale period3 September to 15 September, available to voucher and product


1.LargeMooncakeGiftset (1 pc)

2.MiniMooncakeGiftset (8 pcs)

Online Order :

Phone Order : 2334 5009

WhatsApp Order : 5698 4636


MooncakeGiftset(s) :

【Large MooncakeGiftset (1 pc)】

A super huge mooncake with 20 salty-egg yolk, the biggest mooncake you could ever get in Hong Kong, which makes it the best choice to share with family and friends after a great, lovely Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner.

Charity price in Early-bird :HKD$628

Original price:HKD$888




【MooncakeGiftset (8 pcs)】

A traditional taste of Mid Autumn Festival, mooncake with the smooth and rich lotus seed paste coming with a salty-egg yolk, this is probably the best combination for a festive full-moon night.

Charity price in Early-bird:HKD$238

Original price:HKD$338