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Lok Sin Tong Charity Candy Campaign 2022
Let's share with your loved ones!

Lok Sin Tong Charity Candy Campaign 2022 will be held virtually. It is honorable to cooperate with the renowned local illustrator “POSTGAL WORKSHOP” and their iconic cartoon character “Din Dong”, to send everyone heartfelt greetings! Let’s join us to help the SEN students and grassroots children while sharing the candies with the loved ones!

Starting from 1st March till 28th March 2022, take a visit to the vending machines placed at designated shopping malls or online store “Lok Sin Tong Shop”, and buy a box of Lok Sin Tong charity candy to support the needy!

To raise funds for Lok Sin Tong's “Support Services for Children with Special Education Needs” program and LST Social Housing Scheme.

❤️ Every box of candy you buy, Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) and children from grassroots families could get daily practical support!

❤️ You are also welcome to donate and we will distribute the corresponding amount of candies to child beneficiaries!


Charity Sale – Lok Sin Tong X Din Dong

Lok Sin Tong Charity Candy

Charity Price: HK$20 / Box

About The Product: A box of Edo Pack Fruit Flavour Jelly Bean Candy with a coupon. Let’s share candy with the needy and people around to make it more meaningful!


Charity Sticker

Charity Price: HK$20 / Set

About The Product: Each set contains 10 cute designed stickers with different cheering words, allowing you to stick to everyday objects to cheer yourself up!


Check out our products at "LST Shop" and support SEN children and grassroots children! 

<<Click here to check out>>


You could also donate to support "Candies Sharing" scheme and we will distribute the candies to the disadvantaged children!

<<Donate to support>>


Supporting Ways

Donation Form <Click here to download>

  1. By Cheque / Bank transfer
    Please mail the completed donation form with the cheque / pay-slip to Corporate Resource Development Department.
  2. Online Store “Lok Sin Tong Shop”
    Buy via LST Shop by multiple payment methods including PayPal, AlipayHK or FPS.
    LST Shop:
  3. Online Donation
    Donation could be made directly through online platform by using PayPal, AlipayHK or FPS.
    Donation website:
    Donors please choose “Lok Sin Tong Charity Candy Campaign”.
  4. PayMe
    Scan the QR Code directly (as below) or Click the below link to donate:
    *Donors please indicate:
    1. Full Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Purchase item and quantity (e.g.: “Buy 10 boxes of candies” / “Donate to share the candies with children”)

    Please send the transaction record via WhatsApp:5485-1633 or Click to start conversation / Email to [email protected]

    *An official receipt will be issued for each donation of HK$100 or above, which is tax deductible in Hong Kong. The receipt will be sent within a month after the end of the event. (Only applicable to “Donate to share the candies with children”).
    *No tax deductible receipt will be issued for any purchase of candies/ stickers (products).
  5. Charitable Vending Machine
    10 vending machines with appealing “Din Dong” design have already been set up in designated shopping malls, providing multiple payment methods, such as, Octopus, AlipayHK, Wechat Pay, Union Pay and BOC Pay.


Locations of the charitable vending machine:

One of our charitable vending machine:


Your generous donation enables us to provide assistance to children facing hardship!

SEN children and grassroots children often face various unimaginable challenges in their daily lives due to lack of support. The COVID-19 pandemic has made their lives even more difficult.

To read more stories of SEN children and grassroots children, please refer to the Chinese version.

Corporate Resource Development Department
Tel: 2272-9808 / WhatsApp: 5485-1633 or please click to start conversation
Fax: 2382-1811
Email: [email protected]