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With many General Out-patient Clinics of the Hospital Authority being converted to designated COVID-19 clinics or suspending their services, the Jockey Club Affordable Outpatient Services Subsidy Scheme aims to provide affordable outpatient services to eligible non-COVID-19 patients in non-profit-making and private clinics. This will enable those who cannot afford private outpatient services to continue getting access to diagnosis and treatment. The scheme will last for six months starting from 24 March 2022, with approximately 33,000 eligible patients benefiting. Lok Sin Tong will be the coordinator for service provision for Yau Tsim Mong District.

Service Scope: The Scheme primarily serves patients with episodic medical needs. Eligible persons can receive medical consultation with basic medication for three days at a fee of $50. The Club's Trust will provide a subsidy of $250 and the rest of the cost to be covered by the clinics. If it is medically necessary to prescribe medication outside the subsidy scope (e.g. medication for more than three days or special drugs), the doctor will discuss with the patient and seek his prior agreement.

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