Visiting Medical Service

In order to reduce the inconveniency of the elderly with limited mobility or the disabled in accessing medical service, Lok Sin Tong established a team of Chinese Medicine Practitioner, General Practitioner and Registered Nurse to provide health screening, diagnosis, medical and drug treatment, acupuncture treatment and vaccination service in outreach basis. The elderly in day care center and residents of residential care home can receive comprehensive medical and health management service at their corresponding places. Our visiting health professional will pay close attention and keep updating to their health status, and provide health care advice to them and their families. 


Service Contents

  • General Visiting Medical Service: diagnosis, medical treatment, healthcare plan assessment, restraint assessment, annual physical examination, vaccination, referral service
  • Chinese Medicine Visiting Service: general diagnosis, Chinese medicine concentrated granules dispensing, acupuncture treatment



  • District residential care homes
  • Elderly centers
  • Other groups


Application method

Please contact us, we will follow up and provide you with further details as soon as possible.



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